Talk to Your customers in real time

Ozzychatbot your Specialist Chatbot Builders

Experience a Bot!

Get your week booked while you sleep!

A Chatbot can be your 24/7 Personal assistant. Taking bookings late at night for your next day. What a great way to start the day.

Ozzychatbot working for you 24/7 no sick days!

We specialise in building bots for health professionals. Including dentists, plastic surgeons, beauty injectables and medi spas.  We also specialise in bots for mortgage brokers and finance industries.

Talking with customers isn't new.
How your doing it is.

Amazingly responsive

More people aer using chat solutions for business everyday as thier preferred way of communicating.
56% of people would rather message than call customer care. Messenger is the future, don't miss the boat.

Easy to use interface

Messenger bots are not just for Facebook Messenger. we can place your Bot on your website, landing page, or even your emial. If we can get a link we can put a bot there.

Bots are not just for Big Business

We are bringing Bots to help everyone reach out to their customers!

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