Sephora & Tommy Hilfiger How to Succeed


Simplifying bookings with Messenger

The global prestige beauty retailer launched the Sephora Assistant, a bot for Messenger, to provide an easy fun way to book makeovers at standalone locations across the US, successfully increasing it’s booking rate by 11%



higher booking rate through Sephora Assistant


fewer steps required to book a makeover with Sephora Assistant

Innovating beauty retail

A global leader in prestige beauty retail, Sephora opened it's first store in Paris in 1970 and entered teh US market in 1998.
Sephora is focused on digital beauty learning - a big piece of which is through innovative mobile-first technologies

Meeting her where she is

Sephora wanted to encourage more clients to visit its stores by offering them an easy, conversational way to book makeovers, reducing the number of steps required and meeting clients where they’re already spending their time.

Tommy Hilfiger

Pioneering "See now, buy now"

Tommy hilfiger is one of the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands, celebrating the essences of classic American cool style. Launched in 1985, the brand is revolutionizing the runway and enhancing the consumer expereince through digital innovation

Instant gratification

Tommy Hilfiger wanted to give people instant access to its newest collection via its TMY.GRL bot for messenger

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