A bot is an amazing piece of software that uses key words to reply to peoples questions. These words are pre-set by our qualified team to give your bot the best chance of communicating with your potential new clients.

We can also add images – Giffs – Videos – Audio – Direct dial- Google maps with directions – links to websites or landing pages, if we can add a link we can get your bot working in most cases.

The marketing possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

we can link to your CRM -Email providers or Social media.

21st Century marketing
in the palm of your hand

Let’s face it, we go everywhere with our phones. So it makes sense to go where the people are. Even better if you can automate it, collect information and set up automated messages to go directly to everyones Messenger.

Now imagine thousands of people receiving your message at the same time with one click of a button. Better still you can add questions and answers or pre-qualify potential clients.

This is almost set and forget software. We do all the hard work and get it together for you. We train your bot to how you would answer questions.

We love building bots but remember like anything not all bots are created equal and a bot is a reflection of your business, so please be careful who you choose to do the work for you. Even more alarming for you is if your bot is considered to be spamming people Facebook will shut you down and your bot will get shut down.


Marketing with Bots

A bot is a great marketing tool. Given the ability to ask questions, answer those questions and then tag the answers into a segment for marketing at a later time. This is the start of the power of Messenger Marketing with a bot. You can segment and send messages out to people that have interacted with your bot (Facebook rules apply)

Never lose a lead again. Once someone has clicked on your bot and interacted with it, the bot has captured their information. You now know exactly who you are dealing with and can retarget them.

Using Messenger with a bot allows your messages to go direct to your customers, never getting lost in an email folder.

With the bots capacity to segment people you can now write one message using sperate names to personalise it and send that out to hundreds if not thousands of people with one click

A bot can be your ultimate sales staff as it works everyday and night, does not have an attitude and says exactly what you have programmed it to say. So when everyone else has gone home your bot is still working collecting information and answering customers inquiries

Are you aware of how many people are now searching online at night when they get a minute to themselves? Don’t miss a golden opportunity.

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